Principal Head Coach & Lead Choreographer
A.B.A.T.D Tap, Ballet & Modern

I began dancing at the early age of 4, attending weekly dance classes at my local dance school in Shotts, participating in numerous events, activities, exams and dance displays.

In 2001, after 14 years of dancing, I successfully passed my B.A.T.D. Associate exam in Tap & Modern. Then, after going on to pass my Associate B.A.T.D exam in Ballet in 2002, I decided to open my own Dance School at the young age of 18.

Since then, the L School of Dance has went from strength to strength and is still continuing to grow. It has been my proudest achievement to date and I love everyone and everything involved with my school, I would be lost without it!

Watching my students sharing the same passion and ethos about dance as myself and watching them succeed at every challenge given to them, really does makes my job worth while.  Standing at the sidelines watching my dancers achieve their goals year after year really is remarkable and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

My dancers are what make my dance school, past, present and future!

This is more than just a dance school, its a way of life!

Senior Dance Coach & Asst. Choreographer
A.B.A.T.D Freestyle and Street Dance

I became part of L School of Dance when it was just a small idea being born in my cousin Laura’s bedroom, like Laura I have ate, slept and breathed L School of Dance every day since.

I started dancing at the age of 3, attending weekly classes, participating in community events, local dance shows, workshops, competitions and B.A.T.D examinations. I have trained under Laura for the past 10 years in Tap, Modern & Ballet and more recently I have branched out into Freestyle, Street Dance and Musical Theatre.

In 2011 I decided to follow in Laura’s footsteps and get my recognised teaching qualification. After 6 weeks of studying, I gained a Highly Commended with a 98% pass in my Freestyle and Street, B.A.T.D Associate exam. I am currently studying to further this qualification to Membership level and eventually onto Fellowship to allow me to become a B.A.T.D examiner.

L School of Dance is a massive part of my life, the satisfaction I get from watching the girls improve in dance ability from week to week, seeing their confidence grow and watching them share the same passion for dance that I have is unbelievable. Every single pupil has something unique to contribute to the dance school and that’s what makes it special for me.

I couldn’t be prouder to be part of such a wonderful dance school with such amazingly talented girls and I am very grateful to Laura for allowing me to be a part of her success.


Student Coach & Trainee Choreographer

As Laura’s cousin, I started the L School of Dance at the age of 7, being one of Laura’s first ever pupils.

Being part of it all from day one and being involved in all events, has given me something to be really proud to be part of. I have taken part in many dance shows, fundraising events, local events & the International Children’s Games.

I am also Team Captain of our award winning street dance crew, Unique Soulz who were formed three years ago by Laura and Jennifer.  Dancing along side these talented girls really is my pride and joy, training weekly with them, going through all the highs and the lows really makes us who we are today.  We have been crowned Scottish Champions three years running and gained two World titles within this short time! We really cant wait to see what our future holds as we’re just getting started but its all down to the hard work and determination of our top two teachers.

I am now a Student Teacher, Trainee Choreographer and First Aider and I help out at every class with the younger kids. I’m currently doing my Dance Leadership Award Level 2 and hopefully will pass with flying colours! All going well, I will then be following in the same steps as my two cousins, Laura & Jennifer, by sitting my B.A.T.D Teachers Exam in Freestyle & Street in the near future … Wish me luck!!!