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Heading to the Worlds Championships on Friday with three of our talented teams was a nerve wracking one to say the least. All three teams gave World class performances as they fought it out between another 6000 dancers from all over the World!

Our U10s group, Mini Mayhem, were only one of three groups to be selected to go straight through to Sunday’s grand final!! A very emotional and happy time for all 23 kids involved & it started our weekend off in high spirits.

Again, we returned to the SECC on the Saturday to see our very own Hype & Unique Soulz have one last shot at gaining a top spot each of their categories.

Unfortunately for Hype, their journey ended & it wasn’t to be, being in the toughest category of the day. They done all they could & their performance was outstanding to say the least. I’m so very proud of these girls for everything they have achieved & im sure they will be back with a bang next year.

On the other hand, we were greeted with the news that our talented girls from Unique Soulz had earned their top spot in Sunday’s final & words cannot express how much it meant to them all after months of intense training! It was one emotional day for us all!!

Sunday then arrived and we all travelled to Glasgow for one last time, hoping our girls would gain the results they truly deserved!

Mini Mayhem walked away 2nd place runners up in the U10s category & our Unique Soulz girls walked away with a 3rd place in the U18s Intermediates, even with their music being short of 30 seconds, they still managed to achieve what we thought was impossible!!

Standing at the sidelines and watching our 43 dancers achieve their dreams really was remarkable & they made LSOD history by lifting TWO World Championship Titles!!

We are so proud of everything we have achieved & its only just beginning!


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